The simple but new innovative ZLevel product

which gives you 100% flat floors every time.

About ZLevel


The ZLevel was created out of an idea that I had after witnessing first hand the problems that Tradesmen and DIY people had levelling uneven floors.I worked in the construction industry and this same problem arose time after time, no matter what job we went to do.  It was then that I built my own house and found that the floors were so uneven, the tilers and wooden floor tradesmen were unable to level them properly, so I invented the Zlevel! The Zlevel is inexpensive, quick and easy to use and will most certainly give you the level floors that you require for any type of finished floor covering. The Zlevel is a new and innovated idea which is the first product of its kind in the world market which will revolutionize the flooring industry


How to use ZLevel

I bought the ZLevel due to an extremely uneven floor that was laid by some builders I had hired. I was screening the floor with a latex screed and placed the ZLevels in lines across the floor. We poured on the latex and floated it to the desired level using the ZLevel tops as a guide. They worked perfectly and my floor is now level and flat. Simple but very effective invention.